Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Best One!!

Last night Clint and I got a date night, he took me to see Eclipse!! (A highlight of the summer- I have been counting down the days)! Of course the evening began at Pablo's~ delicious!! Then onto the theater- we had ordered our tickets on-line earlier in the week- even having four houses showing Eclipse the theater was packed! But the more the merrier! It is so fun to watch these movies with the fans~ they do not hold back! There was clapping and cheering- it was great! It did not disappoint!! It was the best movie of them so far!! I loved it!! I just love all the books and the characters and the actors and all of it!! **I love my husband even more for enduring all of the "twihard" mayhem for me!!


Trace Car Driver said...

yay. glad you loved it. nate did too... he saw it at midnite, with his buddies. i am so not a twilight fan though. love the pic of you.... so stinkin' cute! :P

bretsgirl said...

I got the same cup!! I have to admit that I am team Edward, but wow! - Jacob is so much hotter!!!
I was one of the weirdos and went at midnight to see it!