Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Lately, we have gotten to have a little fun with our cousins!! It's so nice to have a close family~ our kids can play together and know each other!! Friday my sister came over and the kids had fun in the little pool! They ate lunch and played and laughed and fought and played!! It was good to see everybody!! Then Saturday Clint's cousins came over to his Grandmother's house and everyone visited and played and ate lunch AND chocolate pie and laughed!! It was great!! :)

Saturday night Clint and I got to see She & Him live at Sloss Furnace!! I had never been to a show there but it was so magical really, perfect!! The only kind of creepy thing was we had to walk by "dead man's alley"! There was no dead man this time though! Years ago when Clint worked at Kenworth, they had seen a dead man in this same alley and the cops were poking him to see if he was ok! He wasn't! Anyway, it was a wonderful night~ so relaxing and summery!! (You know, the "she" in the band is the girl from Elf)!! She is so cute and tiny! But I don't have a picture, because the security made me leave my camera in the car! Boo Hoo!! Clint did get one with his phone, but it's not that good! :(

Then, yesterday we had a bit more cousin fun!! We went bowling!! We had not been the whole summer- even though we have the free passes!! It was so much fun!! Again with the laughing, playing, eating, fighting, and generally a great afternoon!! ;) We just had to have a Edgar's visit before we went home and it was just like a cherry on top!!


Dollar General said...

You forgot to mention that Will won the first game and Francie won the second! You smoked us!

Noah is just like Jason - he tries so hard and his techniques are many - but he can't win for losing!

Trace Car Driver said...

FUN! maybe we will run into ya'll at al adven friday! look for meme and g-daddy, and me and 6 kids :o)