Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wondering Whether Wednesday!!

I'm wondering if today is a good day to start one of the many projects that NEED to get finished before summer is over!! The project in question is one I've wanted to do since we moved into this house, 2 1/2 years ago! I have been wanting to paint this little kitchen table black with a cherry finish on the top- my kitchen is black and white- I adore black and white- I have to fight the urge to decorate the WHOLE house, every room, in it!!! Easy enough said, but too lazy to get done around here!! However, I just may think today is the day~ as long as it doesn't rain!! :) Clint and I went this past weekend to get the supplies and now I'm super pumped to get-er-done!! This is the table before!! Hopefully, not to far from now, there will be a post of the after picture!!

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Trace Car Driver said...

we have that same looking table/chairs! :) good luck with the project, i'm sure it will be great!