Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow Day!!

Today was so awesome! We woke up to peek outside and see snow covering everything- it made my heart skip a beat! It was like I was in elementary school again! We had a wonderful day- we ate a yummy big breakfast and put on lots of layers to go play in the snow!! It was fun! Will loved the snow, he threw snowballs and made snow angels. Francie, on the other hand, enjoyed the snow, but not the cold!
It is the second snow we have had in our house! I still love our house so much! Especially the huge fire place! It was nice to come in to warm up by the fire!!

I wish that we wouldn't have to go to school tomorrow! I sure could use an extra stay home day!


Well, I am glad it's over! February was kind of a wild month for us!! I had strep throat then migraines! I had never really had a headache like that-it was awful, I thought I was having an anyurism!! I had to get three shots in one week!! It was terrible and then it was Will's turn! He got the flu! They checked him for strep- it was negative, but the fever never quit and he got to feeling worse! Clint takes him back and it's the flu!! But it is too late now to give him anything, so he just had to ride it out- Poor guy!

Valentine's Day was really special this year!! It was one of the best ones we have had in a long time! Clint's school did a drawing for a dinner for two at The Club and we won!! I was so shocked! I never win anything! It was wonderful- so fun and everything was delicious!!

The month ended on a good note- we went to an Alabama Hockey game with Daniel, Traci, Seth and Grant!! It was great!!

I think that catches us up to speed!!
I'll leave ya with some February Favorites!!