Tuesday, July 27, 2010

On My Mind...

*Selena Gomez and I share the same first name and the same birthday (July 22nd)!!

*I don't like taking my two babies to the doctor for check-ups with shots!! Will got 2 and Francie got 5!! It was pretty bad! :(

*Brownies and vanilla ice cream help you feel better if you get shots!!

*I want the new Jonas Brothers CD!! I love me some Jonas Brothers!! ;)

*I LOVE school supplies!! I get more excited than the kids about it!! Crayons, markers, folders, pencils and pens, notebooks and glue!! I just love how everything smells and it's all clean and shiny and new! I can't wait to buy them!!

*We have a new 3rd grade teacher at school!! I can't wait to meet her!! I wonder if Will will get her this year!

*Getting sad that Noah and Anna won't be at SMCS this year!

*There may be a sign at Alabama Adventure that says "Show off your ugliest body part"!!

*I can't wait til the new Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam comes on tv!!

*Only five more days to chill before I have to go back to school!! Yuck!

*Still have to check~ read more, see a movie at the Alabama Theatre, finish cleaning and organizing my closet, see Karate Kid, and lay in the sun ~off my summer list!

*It's hard to sleep when you have a terribly bad sunburn!

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beth spray said...

so glad to know i'm not the only one that LOVES school supplies! david calls me an office supply nerd :) i love to go to office max and just walk around!!! can't believe y'all start back to school so soon! lg doesn't go back until aug. 25!!