Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cashiers, NC- part 2

Last time we were here, it was spring and there really wasn't too much to do~ it was off season and still chilly and the stores and restaurants were closed. During the summer though, it was perfect. There is so much to do in Cashiers/ Highlands~ it's free, fun, and beautiful!! Nana joined us for the last part of the week and enjoyed the mountains with us!! I can't believe we looked forward all year to this trip and now it's gone!! At least we have some precious memories!!

Sliding Rock!! *I have heard about this attraction since 9th grade! We used to go to camp in Ridgecrest, NC (not too far from here) and the youth groups and counselors went on thier days off and would come back with some funny stories! One in particular was when one of the counselors got a deep buttock contusion from going down Sliding Rock! We never went all those years (the mall was the main attraction for us on our day off) , but finally this year we made it as a family! I'm sad now we never went, the kids (& Clint) had so much fun!

Hiking Whiteside Mountain!! *This is a 2 mile hike with about ten gorgeous overlooks! I was so proud of Will and Francie for doing this hike they did a great job!!


Silver Run Falls!! **My favorite place! :)


Trace Car Driver said...

pics are great... love the stories. sounds like ya'll had a great trip. i'm feeling the same way about the beach, was so looking forward to it, now it's over!!

seabird said...

Oh man! This trip looks like so much fun:) That sliding rock is insane. I am glad you guys had such a good time!