Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Worn Out Wednesday!!

NOT THEM- ME!!!!!!
It's no secret I've been in quite a FuNk since we came back from the mountains! Partly it's because our vacation is over and partly it's because we have had several friends pass away in the past two weeks (one 16 year old student from SMCS, a dear friend that I work with, and my best friend's father)!! It's partly, too, that Clint's grandmother is moving to Scottsboro to live with her son, Clint's uncle, she needs 24hour care! She is the most amazing woman~ she is 91 years old and lived by herself~ but she will be greatly missed (that's the understatement of the year)! AND Will got a throat virus! Thankfully it wasn't strep again! I just feel WORN OUT or in other words sad!! I am really not doing much of anything- except staying in my pajamas all day!! I don't feel like going anywhere or seeing anyone (one of my fatal flaws- whenever I get to feeling bad or like I have no control, anxious, I tend to withdraw to myself)! ***Sorry about the going off!! Sometimes it's nice just to get everything off my chest!!
Hopefully, I can get back into the swing of the summer, I am excited that my sister is coming to visit on Friday and Saturday night Clint and I have a date to see She & Him live at Sloss Furnace!!

Anyway, today we broke out the swimming pool Nana got Will and Francie!! (We are moving up in the world sprinklers to a pool)!! Granddaddy was our hero, though, he came over to help me figure out how to blow the sucker up!! Eventually he took the kids to target and he got an electric pump!! Thanks Dad!! You are the BEST!! The kids had so much fun!! Seriously, it would have taken 2 weeks to blow that up with my breath or even using the bicycle pump!!

These two are so cute!! They will be playing a game and if one of them scores or does something good they will hug and hug!! I asked Will why they keep doing this and he said it's what they do in soccer! We've been watching just a "little" bit of the World Cup this summer!! ;) They kiss the ball too, sometimes when playing ball games (also what they picked up from World Cup Soccer)! Ha! :)


Dollar General said...

We'll come break the wretched spell!! I think I'm gonna bring Cole and Turner Friday! They just stay at work with Chad and Karyn!

Dollar General said...

Don't be fooled! I feel the same way! But once we get together we will have fun! It's just getting there!