Friday, October 14, 2011

Fire Station!!

A couple of weeks ago Francie went on her very first Kindergarten Field trip!! We went to the Hoover Fire Station!! I am so excited this year- I get to go on every field trip with her since she is in K5!! I get to be Mom and Teacher!! It is just too much fun!! While we were at the fire station we watched a fire safety video, took a tour of the station, and climbed up in the fire truck!! The firemen are always so great with the children! They even got coloring books and fire hats!! :) It was a beautiful day and I have the best class with the most amazing parents ever!! We had such a great time!! This has really been a wonderful year so far!!

Best Friends before the field trip!! These girls are too sweet!! :) BTW- I am loving our new field trip shirts!! They have one of my favorite verses on them... "Let your light shine"

This is up inside the front of a big fire truck!!

I go on this field trip every year and usually I don't enjoy field trips so much because I get too stressed out! But this year was by far the best because I had my sweet Francie with me!!
Next, we go to the Pumpkin Patch!! That one is my VERY favorite field trip of all time!! I can't wait!! :)

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