Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Well, I have met one of the two goals I had for the summer! (I didn't want to put too much on me, since this is the first break I've had in a long time) ;). The first goal was to read all of the Harry Potter books- ten years ago I started reading the first Harry Potter and I read through the third, but I could not stand having to wait a year or so in between each before the next one came out, so I said that once she got them all finished I would read all seven straight through! Which I have done!! I loved them!! I also have watched all five movies this summer and I can't wait to see the new one out tomorrow!!
The second goal of the summer is to clean out and organize my closet! We'll see if I can reach that one in the remaining weeks of our summer vacation! Even if I don't get to that one at least I have gotten the most important goal finished! :)

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Trace Car Driver said...

nate totally went to see HP:HBP at midnite last nite. slept 2 hrs then got up for work today. wow. dedication :) glad you met a fun goal... i LOVE reading! taking 4 books to the beach. 4 days for 4 books. HA. being hopeful! anyways... good luck on the closets. bet it won't be near as fun as the reading though. ;)