Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I have never really loved to go to the dentist! It's not my favorite- so I have been hesitant to take Will and Francie. However, they have pediatric dentists now that make the experience much better than the olden days! We went to our first appointment and they were so sweet!! They had video games and a home-living area in the waiting room- the kids loved it! Then they talked to Will and Francie after watching a movie about a dinosaur going to the dentist! They met the dentist and he joked with them!! Everyone made sure to tell Will and Francie what the tools were and what they were about to do! The lady that cleaned Francie's teeth was especially wonderful she sang to her during the cleaning and made Francie laugh and she gave her lots of hugs- Francie didn't cry at all during the cleaning!! Will did a great job as well!! I was very proud of both of them! They walked away with a bag of goodies too- new toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, 2 stickers, a sugar-free lollipop, pictures with the dentist, and a treasure from a machine (you get a token if you do a good job and you put it into the machine for a prize)!!! Will got to take home a picture of the x-rays of his teeth- so cool!! It was a great visit!


Dollar General said...

That is really cool! We have to do that REALLY soon!! I'm so glad everything went so smooth! That is pretty cool about keeping the xrays!

seabird said...

Cool place:) I took my K4 kids on a field trip to a place like that once. They even fed the kids a healthy, tooth friendly lunch:)
BTW...HAPPY BIRTHDAY:) Hope it was wonderful!

Trace Car Driver said...

fun! trace goes to a peds dentist out in trussville and we love him! he talks about the dentist all the time like he is his best friend :) love the pics, the sunglasses are too cool!