Monday, July 11, 2011

"Just Another Mountain"

This life is so temporary so I will treasure my time, yeah
I spend my days bringing comfort to the lost and left behind
The struggles that I face, some days they weight me down
And all this tragedy, I just don't understand
So love is the song I keep on singing, preach it to my soul

And love is the gift that God keeps giving, He is in control
When all is lost and seems forgotten, it feels so out of reach
It's nothing He has not seen before
This is just another mountain
Just another mountain.
by Jamie Slocum

This song has been a favorite of mine for a few months! I really feel like this lately though! It's just encouraging that God is bigger than any of the "mountains" in my life! I am working on trusting Him with EVERYTHING in my life (not just the mountains- but also the hills and valleys)!

LORD God, you stretched out your mighty arm and made the sky and the earth. You can do anything. Jeremiah 32:17

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