Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Celebration Sunday!!

After all the fun at my brother's, we didn't want it to end so on Sunday we headed to Daniel and Traci's for a little Fourth of July cookout!! We always have the BEST time at Daniel and Traci's and we just don't get to hang out with them enough!! They are always so fun and our kids just play so great together so everyone ends up having a wonderful time!! We ate ribs and bacon wrapped chicken, blackeyed pea dip- we had cherrycoke floats and grapico floats!! The kids did the slip-n-slide and played video games, played football and jumped on the trampoline!! It was an awesome time!! I love Clint's family!!

Will and Seth!!

Francie and Grant!!

Baby Brooke!!

Cherry Coke Float!!

My strawberries I made to take and completely forgot to take them- I left them sitting on my counter! BOO! But they were so cute and delicious!!

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