Sunday, July 3, 2011

Celebration Saturday!!

Yesterday we had the best day at my brother's house!! We had an impromptu family get together for Jason and Isaac's Birthday!! It's so sweet they share a b'day!! :)
We had a wonderful time of swimming and laughing and just hanging out watching the chillin's play!! My brother can grill like nobody's business and he made some delicious chicken wings and Page made "pupcakes" -they were so yummy!! It was so great to get all the kids together, usually it only happens on Christmas or Thanksgiving!! We really need to make time to do this more regularly!! I love my family!!
**We were too busy having a great time- I didn't get that many good pictures!!

Chad in the pool with KT!! She is the cutest puppy!!

One of the Birthday Boys!!

Turner! If you can't tell, he's a MESS!! ;)

Will in the pool with the football and his daddy's camo glasses!! :)

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