Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!! (part 1)

My mom...

*is so fun!!
*has a light that shines so bright in her!!
*is so giving!!
*can make desserts like no one's business!!
*is pretty amazing!!

This Mother's Day was WONDERFUL!! My sister and I took mom out to dinner and a movie on the Saturday before!! We went to Petrucelli's -it was delicious!! We just laughed and talked and talked and laughed!! Then we had some time to kill before the show so we went to Lifeway Bookstore- Mom bought me a book for Mother's Day and I bought her one and she bought Page a cd for Mother's Day and Page bought her one!! We laughed a lot more!! It was so fun!! After that we went to get snacks at Walgreens to sneak into the theater and I found the BEST snack -too bad I didn't get a picture- but I LOVE Twizzlers and they had super long Twizzlers, like 2 feet!! We finally made it to the show - of course we went to see Water for Elephants!! I don't think Mom and Page were to impressed, but I thought it was great!! We ended up laughing our butts off after the movie some more!!! Really, I think this was one of the best Mother's Days EVER!! Thanks Mom and Page for such a special night!!

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Dollar General said...

SWEETEST PICTURE OF MOM!! She's so cute! Where did you get it?

I love it and I agree...SO FUN! I'm looking forward to my Birthday Celebration! I love hanging out with y'all!