Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!! (part 2)

What is a Mother?

A Mother has so many things to do, from washing, ironing, cleaning to tying a shoe. She scrubs, she mends, she cooks and sews, she bathes the children and washes their clothes. When they forget to was their faces clean, and their clothes are the muddiest you've ever seen, Who repairs the clothes and scrubs them like new? Of course, that is what a Mother will do.

Who becomes the doctor or the nurse when they are ill, applying a bandage or giving them a pill ? Who becomes a teacher when a child has homework? She must never her duty shirk.
Who becomes a detective to find a toy or a book? For missing things she must look and look?
Who becomes a listener to every heartache, to every accomplishment that a child makes? Who scolds their children when they are naughty, or reminds them of God when they are haughty? Who tends her family with love and patience, too? Of course that is what a Mother will do.

My family made the day so special!! I woke to open gifts- so sweet, some made at school and some bought!! Exactly what I wanted!! My Will and Francie are the best gifts I have ever gotten in my life!! They make every day amazing!!! I love them more than I ever thought was possible!! I am so thankful to be their mother!!

After church we had a wonderful lunch with Birki!! We had the best time visiting and catching up with each other!!

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gnonna said...

In looking for my childhood friend, Birki Looney Cvacho, I found your blog. So sweet to see Birki's family. It was luck I found you - God's Luck! Sweet pictures and a precious family! Donna Phelps Fite