Friday, May 27, 2011

School's Out for the Summer!!

Well... school is finally out!! Thank you Jesus!!! I totally bombed the blog in the month of May!! The end of school always makes me CRAZY!! There are about 14,000 things to do in like two weeks!! Of course then what do I do?! Nothing- I think I get too overwhelmed to even know where or how to begin!! But we made it!! I am so proud of my Will, who made A/B Honor Roll!! Third grade was so great!! Will and I will both miss Mrs. Barber!! She was truly an answered prayer! God is so good!!

I am so proud of my Francie girl too!! I can't believe she will be in K5!! Wow!! She will be in Mrs. Vigneulle's class and we are both looking forward to that!! She is a wonderful teacher and a very dear friend!! We both love her very much! I know she will miss Mrs. Moore though!!

So what have we been doing this very first week of summer, you ask?! Well when I was uploading pictures of the week I noticed the main thing we've been doing is having fun and snacking A LOT!! We've slept late, hung out in our pj's some, gone out to dinner, to the movies, and to the park!! A great start to a great summer!!

Pink Champagne Cupcake from YOLO!! (my new favorite place)

Shopping with Will and Francie!!

Homewood Park for some play time!!

Dreamland for dinner!!

OMG!! Caramel and Sea Salt Cupcake from Dreamcakes!! (my other new favorite place)

Snow Biz!!

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