Monday, April 25, 2011


"Why do you seek the living among the dead? He is not here, but has risen." Luke 24:5-6

This Easter season "The Passion of the Christ" was playing on the t.v. almost every night! I had not seen the movie again since I saw it the year it came out at the theater, but this year I watched several times! I am so glad I did! I remember that I absolutely loved it- there were some really beautiful, artistic parts that really spoke to my heart! I love the part in the Garden where Jesus crushes the head of the serpent- so powerful!! Also, I think the part after Jesus dies on the cross and the camera pans back and you see a single raindrop start to fall to the ground from the sky -is so beautiful- it's like God's tear drop!! Watching this movie really reminded me how much Jesus did for me!! I would not be here without his loving sacrifice. God is so good to me and His love is so overwhelming!!

Easter is one of my most favorite holidays -we had some really great family time!! Unfortunately, we don't see my cousins much during the year and Easter has become the time when the whole family gets together!! We have delicious food, we laugh, we hunt eggs, we take pictures and catch up with each other!! Everyone is growing up so fast!! It kind of makes me sad!! I just want to slow down and take it all in!!

Hope you had a Happy Easter too!!

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