Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dance Pictures!!

I totally missed "Picture Day" at dance this year!! Boo!! It was an ugly evening (pouring rain) and they changed the photographer- so I am kind of glad I ended up messing up and missing the whole thing!! Instead... I took Francie to Samford with her costumes and took some really great pictures!! I think they turned out way better than the ones done in the studio- I saw some of the other girls' and they were more along the lines of school picture type!! Well, this year for recital Francie has three different costumes- ballet, tap, and jazz!! For ballet this year she is "China Doll", for tap she is "Tiger Lil", and jazz she is "Italiano"!! She is really the most adorable thing!! She looks so sweet in her costumes!! See for yourself...

China Doll

Tiger Lil


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