Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Will's Birthday Weekend!!

I know I say this every year but really -I cannot believe my first born son has turned nine years old!! It is just amazing to me!! We had a truly wonderful weekend with Will!! He even got a day off of school on Monday (MLK Day)!! Friday we met cousins at Pizza Hut for dinner then we all headed to the Alabama vs. Auburn Hockey Game (aka The Iron Bowl on Ice -hehe ;) !! Roll Frozen Tide!! It was a blast and Alabama kicked some butt!! We left at the start of the 3rd period and it was 8 to nothing!!

Saturday we hung out at home together and later went to Nana's house for a delicious birthday dinner!! She had gotten Will cake bites that were to die for!! Will's not a big cake fan -so these were perfect -there was caramel, chocolate, red velvet (my fav), and white cake -she got them from a place in Homewood called Pastry Art (I think)?! You must swing by and get a few or a few dozen -they were great!!

Sunday was his real birthday and after church we met my family at Will's favorite, really everybody's favorite place, Pablo's!! We had fried icecream and just a plain ole' good time!!

Happy Birthday Will!! I love you more than anything!!


Trace Car Driver said...

love it. i can't believe my baby is now 2. don't even want to think abuot 9 :o) great pics and it all looked like so much fun. and the post below. ohmygoodness. made me wanna cry my eyes out. such sweet sweet memories!
love you!

Dollar General said...

I look like I'm pooping in the picture with Mom and Isaac! HA HA HA!! Thanks for asking us to lunch! It was so much fun! And yea...for the record...don't post another SAD blog like that again! Thanks!

love ya,