Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Days!! 2011

I can't believe we have gotten MORE snow!! Last year we had a snow day, but no snow!! This year has been completely different!! It started snowing on Sunday afternoon along with sleeting! Clint had been hunting with some of his students and some friends from Briarwood down near Auburn!! They ended up hunting til dark and by then it was getting yucky out there!! He made it back safe (PTL)! He just turned a 1 1/2 hour drive into a 3 hour drive!!

We were all excited to have a day off of school!! There was hot chocolate and fires, playing in the snow, watching movies, reading!! It was so nice!! The weekend just flew by so fast, so it was good to have a little longer off!! Thank goodness I was prepared with The Pioneer Woman's Cookbook ~I got it for Christmas!! I made her French Breakfast Puffs (delish) and her Olive Cheese Bread!!

Then, one day turned into two and then two turned into THREE!! Since we go to a private school where people travel a long way to get to us, we were able to stay off one more day! That completely caught me off guard! I am sure we will not have any more days off for the rest of the school year due to "Winter Storm 2011"! But I sure have loved easing back into the second semester!!

Enjoying Hot Chocolate by the Fire!!

Murdy Loved Playing in the Snow!!

The Most Delicious Breakfast Ever!!

Olive Cheese Bread!! Yum!

The worst part about the snow days was Auburn won the National Championship!! It broke my heart!!


Dollar General said...

I can't believe you got that much snow! NOT US! I'm so sad that the Blizzard actually skipped over us! It is the weirdest thing! You will laugh when you see my pictures of it!

Your food looks amazing! What is it about snow that makes us want to cook!! I did the same thing!

I'm so glad you weren't let down Tuesday night! SO EXCITED the kids (and you) got off again! It's been nice!

One last thing...Did Will pee that "BOO AUBURN" in the snow?!? Or was it Clint?!? ha ha ha!! Just kidding! Don't know how they broke through the ice though!


Trace Car Driver said...

just got caught up on your last few posts... sounds like new years and girl time and snow days were enjoyed! :) oooh, and those muffins looked SO yummy! we had fun in the snow too, i need to catch up and post about it!
love ya!

seabird said...

PLEASE can I have Murdy???? I love her. Looks like ya'll had fun in the snow:)