Monday, January 31, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday!!

Wow!! I can't believe it's the end of January- it really went by so fast!! I'm kind of glad- except this past weekend was beautiful and gave me hope!! But the winter is so dreary to me!! It was just so lovely on Saturday that it makes me excited about spring!! We've been busier than ever so I thought I'd play catch up, here goes...

-We celebrated 100 days of School!! It was the first time in two years no one was sick!! PTL! Francie was the cutest little old person ever!!

-We had Birthday Dinner at Sol Azteca with Graham and Julie for Graham and Will's Birthday (they share a birthday)!! We had so much fun!! They really are like family and I'm sad we don't see each other more throughout the year than we do! I am determined to get together more this year -even if it means I have to get Graham to build me bookshelves in my living room! ;)

-Last week was HORRIBLE!! Francie ended up getting strep!! EVERY DAY seemed like a struggle!!

-We went to see Country Strong, it's good, but it's so sad!! I bawled my eyes out the entire movie!! I love the songs though, I am going to get the soundtrack!!

-The video from my favorite song in the movie...

I LOVE this song!!! LOVE IT!

-Will split his cheek open during church service! He was sitting on his knees in the pew and lost his balance and fell face first on the pew in front of him (his hands were behind him)! And then in the floor!! It was pretty bad!! We had to leave in the middle of church and go to get stitches!! Who knew?

-No School again today due to power outages!! Weird!! I guess we'll be going to school forever to make up all these days we've been out!!

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Trace Car Driver said...

oh my goodness. poor will. seriously, stiches? he looks so stoic in the picture. poor thing! it will be a cool battle scar for him though! :o)
i'm so with you and i HATE this cold weather. the weekend was such a tease. i hope the groundhog was right and spring is coming soon!
have a great week. hope francie is all better now and noone else gets the dreaded strep!
love ya!