Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ladies and Hunters!!

Last week, Francie and I got a little "girl time"!! It's always a pleasure to be able to spend some one on one time with her!! We had a very exciting day planned: First we went to lunch at everybody's favorite -Pablo's, with Granny!! Then we headed to the mall to get Francie's ears pierced!! I didn't know how things would go -so I was glad when Granny said she would go with us!! It turned out that Francie did AWESOME!! She didn't even cry!! (My heart was beating out of my chest though)!! After the ear piercing we headed downstairs to Francie's favorite place -Build A Bear Workshop!! She made the cutest gray kitty and got her a Hello Kitty dress and some pink heels!! Ha! She also got a Hello Kitty chair that the kitty can sit in!! Too Cute!! After we left the mall we dropped Granny off at home and headed to Mommy's favorite -Edgar's!! For cupcakes -what else?!

Granny and Francie at Pablo's!!

Brand new earrings!! And not even one tear!! :)

Francie at Build A Bear!!

Francie named her kitty Nancy!! ;)

Our yummy cupcakes!! Mine is strawberry and Francie chose a firework one!!

While we were doing all these fun things Daddy and Will were hunting with Uncle Chad and Cole and Turner!! I think they had a pretty awesome time too!!

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