Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Today's Blessings...

~ My Sweet Husband- he is my therapist, chef, yardman, maid and he is the shoulder I cry on, the hands that pick me up when I fall, my cheerleader, my coach, my biggest fan!!! I don't know what I would do without him -he's amazing!!

~ Health!! Yay! For right now we are all healthy! No stomach bugs, flu, strep, NOTHING!! PTL! I looked back at our October blog entries from last year and the kids were so sick around this time! I am praying for continued health for our family!!

~ Nice weather! I know I've posted about my need for sunshine -it has been absolutely beautiful!! It always helps my attitude and overall general mood -seeing as how I've been in the dumps lately, I couldn't imagine having to endure clouds and rain too!!

~ The sweet families of the children in my class!! This group of children and parents are just so dear to my heart!! I am extremely blessed to have them in my life!!

~ Friends -I am surrounded by some of the most beautiful women (inside and out) and I am very grateful for their hugs, thoughtfulness, generosity, wisdom, encouragement, laughter, acceptance, kindness, and transparency!! I know there are days I would NOT have made it through without them!!

~ Will and Francie!! They light up my life!! I am completely in awe of them~ they make me laugh, they make me cry, my heart has expanded about 3 sizes, they make me want to be a better person! I know this time is slipping by... (the pitter-patter of little feet, hearing them play football or play school) I can feel them getting further and further away from me... they are becoming so independent... they don't need me so much anymore and I want to make everyday with them count!! I am trying to make life fun and special... and soak them up!!

~ My Jesus, my Savior!! He's my perfect, spotless righteousness!! I am so thankful for His love, His sacrifice, His mercy, His strength, His grace... without these I would not last one second of one day!!


Trace Car Driver said...

love the concept of listing your blessings... and i love your list of blessings! :o) miss you and your sweet family. is this your year for thanksgiving at mamaw's?? i don't think so- boo hoo.

Dollar General said...

My sister .. (?!?) Really? Who fills your heart with laughter!!!

I'm just sayin' you forgot one!! Love you!

Bama said...

Hey! I'm connected.
You are a blessing to me!
My name may show up as BAMA.