Thursday, October 14, 2010

Indian Project!!

Well, it seems that everytime I do a new post I'm saying "We've been sooo busy lately -let me just review our week"! But seriously October is a month that everything in our life collides!! We have field trips, Francie's birthday, school projects, about 5 fall festivals, football games, and report cards due!! I am usually stressed to the max the whole month!! The past week and a half has been grueling, but great!! I got to go on Will's first field trip to Moundville with him!! I was really dreading it (because it was right in the middle of trying to get my report cards done and it's really hard to get a sub -it's just easier to be at school)! But I am so glad I got to go!! We had a blast!! :) Will's teacher rode with us and she is just precious -I love her!! They have been studying Native American Tribes in school and this was a culmination of the unit!! We also, worked on an Indian Project!! Will did his on the Creek Indians!! He had to make a visual and give a 2-3 minute explanation of what he learned!! We made little note cards, a poster, and fry bread for the class to try!! It was actually fun and so sweet!! It turned out to be a very special time with him! He did a wonderful job!! I was very proud of him!! He is really growing up so fast!!

*In front of a mound!!!

*Playing a game of stick ball!!

*A quick canoe ride!! Hehe ;)

*Best buds!! :)

*Will's poster!!

*Making Fry Bread!!

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Trace Car Driver said...

love it! the canoe ride pic is my fav i think. but it's a close tie with the last pic of him baking the break! how fun... he really is growing up so fast, i can't think of my boys being that old! glad you got to hang out with him! :)
love ya!