Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Festivals!!

It's that time of year!! Yay!! :) Hay rides, bobbing for apples, moonwalks, candy, candy, candy, pony rides, and prizes!! It's Fall Festival time! This year both our school fall festival and our church fall festival fell on the same weekend!! It made for a very FUN weekend!! The kids loved it!! I am so glad God blessed us with such beautiful weather!!

SMCS Fall Festival Fun!! :) **I have a ton of pictures of Francie, but Will was running around with his buddies, he couldn't slow down long enough for me to take any pictures of him!!

We all wore our Alabama gear on Saturday afternoon!! Alabama was playing Tennessee that evening, so Francie wore her cheerleader outfit to the Fall Festival!! We had to represent!! :) RTR!! Francie got her hair sprayed pink with glitter and got a tattoo!! She went to all the booths and did the cake walk about 50 times~ we still didn't get any cake though! BOO!! Will ate candy all afternoon -he would play a booth and immediately eat the candy he got for a prize!! :) He enjoyed a hay ride and the bounce house -but I think his favorite was rolling down the hill by the gym!!

Altadena Valley Presbyterian Church Fall Festival!! **Again, Will was running around and I didn't really get a lot of pictures of him!! I'm a little bit sad about it!!

Francie decided to wear her Little Mermaid costume to the church Fall Festival on Sunday afternoon!! Will didn't want to wear his so he just wore a football t-shirt!! Francie got her face painted and rode ponies and went on hay rides!! It was so much fun!! Will ate ice cream and spent most of the time in the bounce house -he did LOVE bobbing for apples and he finally ended up getting one!!

It really turned out to be such wonderful weekend!! We made special memories with the kids and I just wanted to soak up every second!! I am going to focus this holiday season more on enjoying my family and savoring each moment with them!!

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Trace Car Driver said...

fun! love the pics! i feel the same way, i try and take an even amount of pics of each kid, but it's hard! :o)