Sunday, June 6, 2010


"Dance like there's nobody watching,
Love like you'll never be hurt.
Sing like there's nobody listening,
And live like it's heaven on earth."

Behind the scenes!!

After 9 months of classes, a 5 hour rehearsal on Friday, and a traffic jam on the way to the theater last night -I mean we arrived as the curtain went up at 6:00! (Talk about being stressed, I sincerely thought she was going to miss her first dance!! Yikes)! We arrived at Francie's first recital! She was terrific!! She really loves the stage!! It doesn't bother her at all to be in front of a large crowd~ she danced her heart out!!

This year all of the dances were "garden" themed!! The Secret Dancing Garden! The whole recital was precious! Francie was a bluebird for tap and a dandelion for ballet!! She was so beautiful and we were so proud of her!! I got a few pictures to share from the social event of the year! Ha! ;)

The ballerina's beautiful flowers from her Daddy, Granny and Granddaddy, and her Nana!! We ALL love you Francie, very much!! We couldn't be more proud of you!!


Dollar General said...

She is BEAUTIFUL and SO GROWN! I love it! And of course the pictures were AWESOME! When can we start our business?!?

She can dance like no one's watching but I got the sing like no one's listening DOWN PAT!! Be glad she didn't get that from me ;)

Love you!

Trace Car Driver said...

so sweet. she is absolutely beautiful, and i agree with page... so grown up looking! i thought i loved the blue costume best, til i saw the white! both are precious! glad ya'll made it on time, but dang i bet u were sweating! :)

seabird said...

Hoe adorable is Francie in those costumes! I know you were so proud of her. Glad you did not miss the show!!