Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday, Monday!

1. I'm more exhausted after vacation than before! Weird!! I still have to get my pictures loaded, then I'll post!! Right now I'm just getting everything in order after vacation!! (laundry=clothes mountain)

2. I got locked in my house today! Weird again!! We had given a friend my key to the house while we were gone (just in case anything should happen)! Well, he gave us a different key back when we got home last night -except I didn't notice it wasn't mine until the bug man came this morning and I couldn't let him in!!

3. Very sad to have missed my sister's 30th Birthday Party! It sounded like so much fun! They played a murder mystery game!! I can't believe my "little" sister is thirty~ wow!!

4. Only 2 days til Eclipse!! :) I can't wait!!

1 comment:

Dollar General said...

CANNOT WAIT to see PICTURES!! I have to admit my heart sank when I realized you were missing my birthday! I MISSED YOU!! But we will party together soon! And hopefully with Chad! Love you!