Friday, April 23, 2010

Our Story!

July 4, 1996 Our First Summer!!!

On Kelly's blog she is doing a post on how you met your sweetie!! So I thought I might share! I am not as great a story teller as Clint, but this is how it went down, according to me!
1995- Senior Year- I get a job at Cobb Theaters Brook Highland 10 Cinemas! That December I met my other half!! Clint walks in and literally there are explosions all around!! Electricity! Chemistry! There were fireworks!! I felt alive~ When we met my heart started beating, blood pumping, I took my first breath! Clint was so cute~ the best looking guy to ever enter my world! He was/is funny, fun, kind, cool, a christian, responsible, smart... and the list goes on and on! The day I met Clint, I was changed, I was hooked there was NO going back! Never in my life did I want anything more than him, he was THE one!! We dated for 3 1/2 years before we married, but our first summer together was a dream, a fairy tale... we worked together, went swimming, saw bands, road trips, watched movies, hiked, canoed... a truly magical time! When we weren't together I missed him- all day long he was always on my mind and during the night I dreamed about him! I always wanted him around! I couldn't get enough of him (and I still can't)! I felt more like myself when I met him than I ever had before~ I know that sounds weird to need some else to be yourself~ but it's because he is part of me! Every day I thank God for my best friend, my true love!


Trace Car Driver said...

i didn't know u read kelly's korner too. i LOVE her blog!!
sweet story of you and clint!! love the old school pic too :)

Christy D said...

That's neat Silena. We have similar experiences. I'm glad I got to be there when you were going through all of that:).