Monday, April 19, 2010

Tiny Dancer!

A couple of weeks ago Francie got her costumes for her dance recital!! I think they are adorable, she looks so cute in them!! It has been so great for her to have dance this year~ She loves it!! I really think it has helped her balance and coordination, plus she loves her teacher and she has made some really sweet friends! It won't be long til this class will end! :( I know she will miss dance so much during the summer, but we hopefully can pick it back up in the fall!

I am interested in seeing how Francie does at her recital!! She is a little ham (like her daddy) so I am hoping that she will show off and not get embarrassed or shy on stage! I thought I'd share a couple of pics of her costumes (dandelion is the ballet costume and blue bird is the tap costume)!! I'm also throwing in a hilarious pic of me in my costume (a belly dancer- not exactly the best costume for chunky little five year old)! I had measles so my cheeks are extra chubby!! Ha!


Trace Car Driver said...

love love love francie's outfits. so cute! maybe trace should take dance to help with his balance/coordination. KIDDING! :) but she is precious and i bet she does great. you will have to video it! and i am LOVING your pic... i didn't know you had measles, that's crazy!!

and yeah, about those red sox. don't remind me how bad they are doing! hope they start winning soon! :)

Dollar General said...

Silena...that is HILARIOUS of you! I love it!

"Belly Dancers" - Really?!? You pulled it off in retro fashion!! I wonder what song you danced to - I SO wish we had something on video or even camera!!

At least you got to dance! The joys of being the first born. All I got was to dress up in those costumes after the fact ;) At first I hated it but now...seeing those pictures...maybe I didn't miss anything! HA HA HA!

I love you.
Francie won't have a "hilarious" picture!! Hers are really precious!