Friday, May 7, 2010

A Few Good Things:

It's been awhile!! Things seem to speed up at the end of the school year!! We have been super busy, but we have managed to squeeze in some fun!!

1. Church Picnic! My Mom and Dad invited us to their church's picnic!! It was so awesome~ at our church picnic growing up we ate lunch in the graveyard and then we would play on the playground! This picnic was like a carnival~ face painting, cotton candy, inflatables and then we ate delicious barbeque in the AC!! We had so much fun! :)

2. Clint and I went to see The Tallest Man on Earth at the Bottle Tree~ it was packed out so I didn't get great pictures but I will share my one and only!

2. Ice Skating

It was Will's first time to skate without holding the rail or onto Daddy!! He was awesome, he just went out on his own!! It was fun to see him have a good time! :)Francie did a wonderful job ice skating! She didn't even cry!!

3. Loving Well! Last weekend I was able to go to the Women's Retreat at SMI! We did the Beth Moore Loving Well series! It was fabulous! Great friends, great worship, great food, great door prizes and T shirts, and a great message! Some of my favorite points: God is perfect love and nothing can separate me from God's perfect love!! He is the "loving well". We go to Him for the love we need to love others with! Sadly I have no pictures of this event. :(

4. This week was Teacher Appreciation Week! I was spoiled! My children brought me pens, pencils, notebooks, post-its, apples, oranges, bananas, flowers, candy, and chocolate!! I feel very blessed!! And it made the week with no air conditioner in my classroom better!!

(This isn't even all of my "happies")

****Seven Days of school left until Kindergarten Graduation! (This year my whole family will attend~ Anna is graduating and Francie's class is doing the intermission) This has been a special year! I have had one of the best classes I've ever had and I must say, I will be sad to see this group of kids leave me!!

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