Friday, April 16, 2010


Last Friday, one of my best friends, Angie, called and asked me to take some pictures of her son (her camera had broke)! :( He was going to prom that night and he and his date would be at the botanical gardens with some friends! Well I met her~ I have taken pictures of her oldest sons 2 proms, so it was neat to take these, too, of Andrew! Angie has four HANDSOME sons! ***It's easy to take great pictures when you have beautiful scenery, beautiful people in beautiful clothes on a beautiful night!!*** I had so much fun!! Andrew and his date looked so great!! My least favorite part was that I felt so old! I mean when I met Angie, Andrew was 9 or 10!! So to take prom pics of him when he is 17 makes me feel like an oldie olson!! Just thought I'd share a few~ they came out so good~ I was happy!! (If I could ever find the Photoshop my dad gave me a couple of years ago they would be better)!

This is my prom picture!! Can it be 15 years ago?

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seabird said...

Selina! Oh my look like a baby:) And goodness,looking at this photo of your prom I realized that Anna looks so much like you. Do other people say that?