Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Better Late Than Never!

We have had technical difficulties this week, so my "Easter Memories" title got scratched for this title!!

Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays~ first for the meaning~ how could I live a single day without His amazing grace! Next, probably because we always got new clothes and shoes!! Third, CANDY!! Plus, it doesn't hurt that it is spring!! This year was a perfect Easter the weather was absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful! Some years we have rainy, cold Easters~ never as fun and enjoyable as the sunny, warm ones!!
We made some sweet memories this year!! The night before Easter, we dyed Easter eggs and made Resurrection Rolls (very fun and tasty)!! The next morning we ate candy that the Easter Bunny had brought us for breakfast, went to Sunday School and church, then went to my aunt's house for lunch and an Easter egg hunt!! It's always great to visit with everyone~ it's pretty sad we only see some of them once a year and others only twice!! We all had a great time though!! Hope you had some pretty special times too!

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Trace Car Driver said...

cute! i've heard all about those ressurection rolls and just might have to try them soon (we may not wait until NEXT easter. HA!)
fun pics. and we had a great time at terri's! love ya'll!