Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Weekend Recap!

Well, it's a little past the weekend but I'll just share what's been going on!!

1. The most exciting thing for me was getting the Nikon D5000!! It's my own digital SLR camera and I love it!! Now I don't have to covet my sisters! ;) I haven't had that much time, though, to play with it- but I do have a few pics to share!!

2. Another kind of exciting thing that happened was Clint and Dad replaced my kitchen faucet!! I was so happy to get a brand new one and even it works!! We had a major leak last week! So I picked out a faucet I liked and they put it in! It was the first thing we have changed in our house- so that's kind of neat! It looks really great~ it's funny that one small change can make the whole place look better!! Check it out!

3. Saturday we had fun at Will's first baseball game!! He did a great job~ and it was way more exciting than watching T-ball!! His team ended up losing, but hopefully they will get better each week with each practice! A major plus is that his game starts at 11:00 each Saturday!!

***I just thought I'd put a few pictures of a Francie ready for dance and wearing new "twinkle toes"!! She is so cute!!

All of these pics were taken with the new camera, except for the first one of me and the one of the camera!


beth spray said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the camera!!! your kids are so cute! they are really growing up! i love keeping up with you guys through the blog!!

seabird said...

I am SO jealous! I love the camera and the faucet:)