Thursday, March 11, 2010


Today Will had his 2nd grade program "Amerikids"!! It was awesome~ the kids were wonderful!! Will didn't have an official part (he is kind of like his mommy- do NOT put us in center stage)-he was a singer! But I was sooo proud of him!! He is the cutest and it was a really great program~ It was sweet to see him and all of his friends perform, Noah was an Air Force man, Hannah was Pip, Logan was Benjamin Franklin, and Jack was "Yacky Dude"! They have all grown up so much! The kids' artwork and writing projects and Flat Stanleys were displayed in the hall and it was fun to see how hard the they had worked and how much they had learned about America!! I felt very blessed to have my kids at Shades Mountain~ I love the teachers and the fact that they are able to sing songs about Jesus and experience the gospel!

Will's Flat Stanley Project

**A special thanks to Corb for taking Flat Stanley with you to California!!

Uncle Sam

On a completely different, but AWESOME note: The new preview for Eclipse came out today and it is totally awesome!! I am sooooooo excited~ this book may be my favorite of all four~ the movie is going to be so good!!!
I CANNOT wait until July 30th!! And I cannot wait til March 20th either- New Moon will be out to buy on DVD and it's mine baby! :)


Trace Car Driver said...

cute post! and omg, i still don't see the hype about twilight. sorry, but i don't! nate does though, and almost had a heart attack when he saw the trailer :) he is also pumped about those 2 dates!! love ya!

Dollar General said...

You are a geek about Twilight!! HA HA!!

AND, I LOVE your picture of Noah and Will - I think I want that one!

I'm so totally sad about school next year. Reality is starting to set in about it now that it's the end of the year. HATE IT!