Thursday, March 25, 2010

Beginning Baseball!

Yesterday was Will's first baseball practice!! We haven't been able to practice yet because of the weather for the past few weeks! Every time his practice was scheduled it rained! But yesterday was a nice day! And he did a great job and has a real nice coach- I think this will be fun! Will hasn't played baseball for a couple of years, he is older now so i think he will enjoy it more than he did last time (he played t-ball when he was five)! His team is the Cards~ short for Cardinals (all the team names are shortened names: yanks, sox, bucs,etc.)! He and Noah will be playing against each other in a couple of weeks- we tried to get them on the same team but they said NO! Saturday is the big day, hopefully everything will go ok with only one practice under our belts!! :) Go Cards!!

We practiced at Patriot Park in Homewood! It was such a nice park, I had never been there before! I got a few pics of Will and Francie before practice!! And Francie got a few of me and Clint! :)

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