Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Not That Bad!

My Monday Happy!!

Yesterday was a really great day back at school! I was very surprised~ the day just flew by smoothly and was pretty much uneventful! Last year I would have had ten panic attacks, diarrhea, a migraine, and a crying fit! But not this year!! It was nice to see all my kids and hear about their vacations! Mrs. Chonoski made my day when she got us devil food donuts and coffee from Shipley's!!


Today was an awesome day too!! I got to go on a field trip with Will to Golden Flake!! The whole time we were there we were stuffing our faces with delicious HOT potato chips and cheese puffs! :) It was great!! After school Will and Francie and I went to TCBY for a Tuesday Happy! It was such a beautiful day!

Hair nets are all the rage!! ;)

Our Tuesday Happy!!

****Yay!! Tomorrow is Hump Day!!

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Dollar General said...

Yes! I heard very plainly you are NOT allowed to say CHEETOS!! HA!! I'm glad you got to go. Only 40 something more days right?!? YAY for summer! Love you!