Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Madness!!

Randomness in March!!! :)

~Dr. Seuss Celebration!! Francie as "Fox in Socks"!

~"Dream Cakes" cupcakes... my new favorite!! Mine was wedding cake, Will's the mint chocolate chip, Clint had the snicker, and Francie got birthday cake!! Yum!

~The Craziness that IS Penny Drop!!
**Our School raised over $76,000.00
Go Red Team!!

Go Green Team!!

~The Huge-est Coffee!!

~Birthday Cake Pops from Starbucks!! Try one or five!! ;)

~My Dogwood Tree Bloomed!! Gorgeous!! I LOVE IT!!

~Just Finished this Book!! Gritty- but Good!! Now just waiting on the Movie with you know who... Mr. Rob Pattinson!! ;)

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seabird said...

Your house is so pretty. Love your dogwood tree:)