Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Break!!!

Spring Break this year was so lovely! We had a nice, quiet week together at home!! The weather was beautiful!! Last year we took the Seniors from Restoration to Washington DC~ so it was good that this year we took it easy!! We went to the park 1 million times, Botanical Gardens, had about every kind of treat possibly known to man (TCBY, icees, Snow Biz, etc.), watched movies, went Ice Skating and to the Georgia Aquarium!! Francie and Will also got to spend the night at Nana's ~while mommy and daddy had a date night ~and they got to visit the Zoo!!

Quick story about ice skating then on to pictures from the aquarium!! We take Will and Francie ice skating~ which they love- early in the week!! About ten minutes on the ice a woman falls and knocks her head on the ice- she isn't unconscious- but she can't get up! Her teenage daughter freaks out screaming and crying!! Her head is bleeding! They clear the ice- everyone standing around whispering and watching... the ambulance shows up AND the firetrucks!! My kids are the ones traumatized!! We can't leave fast enough for Will! The place was very sweet to give us rain checks to come back- since we had literally been on the ice maybe 10 minutes!! Needless to say, everywhere we went for the rest of the week that's all the kids could talk about!! Ha! Now on to the fun part... The Georgia Aquarium!! We had the best time!! It is AMAZING- you really must visit!! :) We saw so many animals~ my favorites: otters, sharks, alligators, sting rays, manta rays, beluga whales, sea horses, jellyfish, sea turtles and penguins!!

The Georgia Aquarium!!

Albino Alligator- the coolest alligator ever!!

The Cutest Penguin!!

Whale Shark~ HUGE!!

Jelly Fish~ Amazing and Beautiful!!

Will and a Big Fish!!

My Cuties!!

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Trace Car Driver said...

love the pics... what a fun and relaxing spring break! seriously. when did your kids grow up? kinda sad :( can't WAIT to see ya'll at easter!!!