Sunday, April 10, 2011

4 Things I Love Sunday!!!

1. My nails!! I did them myself- it was so easy and they look so cute!! *Nail polish strips!! I will definitely be getting more of these!!

2. Francie's picture of our lesson this morning in Children's Worship!! I am sure you can tell it's the story of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday! I don't know why it's facing this direction- I guess I'm having technical difficulties! Boo!

3. Will's drawing of Jesus dying on the cross for our sins!! Easter is on the way!!

4. Flowers I cut to put in our entry from our own lawn!!! I love flowers!!


Dollar General said...

Cute Cute Cute nails!! And sweet pictures! VERY SWEET! Can't wait for Easter!

beth spray said...

ok -- i love the nails!!!!!! the pictures are precious and the flowers are beautiful!! hope you guys are doing well!! i love keeping up with you on here :)

seabird said...

LOVE your nails!! And those flowers are gorgeous:)