Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving Report!!

I am blessed beyond measure!!

This year we had Thanksgiving in Birmingham!! We had a very nice time! Clint fried TWO turkeys ~they were delish!! I tried twice to make Clint's grandmother's eggnog cake but it fell both times ~which was kind of sad ~I really hope I haven't lost my touch (maybe it's just my oven)!! ;) We went to the movies a couple of times over Thanksgiving Holiday (we saw Tangled and Megamind ~loved them both)! We decorated for Christmas, did a little Christmas shopping, took Christmas pictures at the farm, watched a TERRIBLE football game (another sad part), and ate and ate and ate!! I really missed going to Huntsville this year with my family, but it was relaxing just to be home, too! It flew by too fast and now Christmas is right around the corner and I'm more behind than ever!! I just pray somehow, someway that God could just slow down time a bit, so instead of rushing around like a crazy person, I could just enjoy time with the family!!

A few pics from my phone:
*Me and Clint on Thanksgiving Day!!

*Me and Clint at Daniel's Party!

*Me and Traci at the Iron Bowl Party!

"... Let the light of your face shine upon us, O LORD." Psalm 4:6

ps- a surprise is coming soon... stay tuned! ;)


Dollar General said...

I missed you SOOOO much!!! I'm just excited that next year you will be with us!! I love you!! And just remember - you get 2 weeks off!! YAY!!

Your house looks great by the way!! You are the best decorator!! Looks really homey and cozy!!

Trace Car Driver said...

ok i had a lot to say but now all i can remember is SURPRISE!?!?! hope we don't have to wait long to hear what it is. A NEW COUSIN??? ha. doubt that's it but ya never know! :) missed you so much at mamaw's but glad ya'll had a good thanksgiving anyways. and yes, we will have to get together soon!! your house looks great. so cute!! love ya!