Saturday, December 4, 2010


Introducing the newest member of the Cvacho family... Murdy Fox Cvacho!! (Yes, her name has a story connection -I'll let Clint tell the story -he's better at that than me)!

Will and Francie got their Christmas present from Mommy and Daddy early!! We wrapped at collar and chew toys like a Christmas present so they could open something and then we told them we had to go pick up their new puppy!! :) Their faces were unforgettable!! They were so excited and shocked!!

She is a Southern Black Mouth Cur ("Old Yeller" was the same kind of dog)! She is red though, not yellow!! She is 15 weeks old and around 24 lbs. She is so sweet and beautiful!! So far, we've had a great weekend! I am sure it will take a little while for all of us to get used to everyone and everything!! But we are loving her!!


Trace Car Driver said...

so i'm not a huge dog fan, but your puppy is pretty cute! :) and i love the pic of francie's face- SO precious! can't wait to hear clint's story of how ya'll chose the name!

seabird said...

I LOVE your puppy!!!!!!!