Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend!

It was such a wonderfully beautiful weekend!! We kicked it off Friday night by watching the new Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam!! The kids loved it (and I did too- how can you not, I mean, it IS the Jonas Brothers)!!

Saturday we slept late and went to one of my favorite places~ Waffle House!! I love breakfast food and I was wanting a waffle! They have THE best waffles ever, I don't even have to put syrup on it, it is so yummy!! :) It really was a lot of fun!! The place was hoppin' and everybody was dressed in their Alabama shirts and all really pumped up about the football games!!

Then we went to the park, because, gosh, it was SO BEAUTIFUL! It really gave my soul hope!! The fall always kind of reinvigorates me!! We took a walk and Francie played on the playground and Clint and Will tossed the football! It was great!!

On Sunday, we had a brunch for Sunday School and it was real nice -alot of people were out of town for the holiday- but we had a great time! And our church service was awesome as usual!! I cannot say it enough, I love our church!! It is the most warm, friendly, transparent, caring, genuine, supportive, loving, Christ-centered place I have ever been!! My heart and soul can never get enough!! I always can't wait to get to church- to be at church!!
After church we had lunch at Nana's, Granny Loon was in town so we got to visit with her!! It was such a special visit~ she looked beautiful and it was so good to see her and hear that she is doing well!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend too!! And the best part of a long weekend is that we only have to work 4 days!!! I mean, tomorrow is hump day!! How great is that?! I love it!!

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Trace Car Driver said...

i could have written this post, i agree with all of it. ha! we went to the park too... had a great time outside! i'm with you, i needed some beautiful (cooler) weather! and nate watched camp rock too. HAHA! and hooray for hump day and 4 day work weeks! hope it's great.
love ya!