Sunday, February 20, 2011

Valentine's Recap!

I can't believe it's been almost a week since Valentine's Day!! I just love Valentine's Day!! I was so sad to take down my beautiful Christmas decorations that this year Francie and I got our craft on and started to make Valentine's decorations!! We got a pom-pom maker and made pink and red pom-poms in a garland to decorate the mantel! We also found an "I Love You" banner at Michael's and we made a heart paper chain!! During a couple of our snow days decorated felt heart ornaments with jewels and glitter for our tree in the dining room!! It was so fun making things with Francie she loves crafts like her momma!! It really got me more excited about Valentine's Day and helped ease the winter time blues!!

This year was a really special Valentine's Day!! Clint and I got to go out on a date to our favorite place The Tavern!! There was no line/ no waiting! It was so nice to just relax together and talk and laugh! Then we went to get dessert and coffee at the Cheesecake Factory!! Nothing says "Happy Valentine's Day... I love you" like Red Velvet Cheesecake!! Delish!! Will and Francie stayed with my mom and dad and ended up having a wonderfully special time too!! Mom and Dad took them to The Waffle House (a Cvacho household favorite)! The Waffle House had it decorated for Valentine's Day -there were white tablecloths, red napkins, and candlelight!! They loved it!! I always have a better time when I know my kids are having a great time too!!

Flowers from my Sweetie!!

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Trace Car Driver said...

so fun! don't imagine i'll "be-dazzle" too many things as the boys get older... but that's what my nieces are for, right? ha. love how you and francie have such fun girl time! and your date sounds like it was fun too!! :)