Friday, February 25, 2011

This Little Light of Mine!!

I LOVE this song!! Just thought I'd share- it just gives me hope!! Right now, I am just swamped! I feel behind in every area of my life and it's a little overwhelming!! Between all the sicknesses and laundry and housework and school papers to grade and appointments and projects I feel like I might just give up!! I am hoping/praying that over spring break some of these things might get tackled!! It's only 3 weeks away!! WooHoo!! Boy am I ready! :)


Trace Car Driver said...

love this song too!! thanks for the reminder. i know how you feel... some days/weeks are just like that! hang in there girly! and hey, page and i have some vitamin z that really helps if you don't already take it. i don't even care if my house is clean or not. haha! ;o)
love you!

Michelle said...

Wow! I am so embarrassed I never finished that painting for you. I am going to be working on stuff all this month because I'm participating in a show the first week of April. I will definitely get that done for you and e-mail you as soon as I'm finished. And I don't want you to pay anything for it. I am happy to make it for you.