Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day, Silena!

I want the world, or at least the eight people that read this blog, to know that I love Silena more than anything in the whole world! However, Silena has a problem, and it's a pretty big one. You see, this beautiful girl doesn't know how beautiful and wonderful she really is. More than that, I can't fully convince her of my love for her. She is always scared that I am going to get tired of her and run away. She thinks that since we have now been married for eleven years and have been together for fourteen and a half years that I am going to get tired of her. How am I supposed to do that, Silena? People don't generally get tired of beauty. Why do you think we go to such great lengths to maintain works of art in museums? Why do people spend so much money to travel all over the world to see places of great beauty? Why have people been obsessed with the heavens since, well, there's been people?

Silena and I have built a story, a story that was written in the stars. A story that will never die. The first thing I ever did with Silena was take her to see a comet. When we officially began dating a comet visited earth (Hale-Bopp) that was so vibrant and visible that some rascals out in California took to worshiping it and killed themselves so they could be united with it. When I think of Silena, I think of the heavens:

when I looked into your eyes
and I saw every star up in the sky
well, I knew...
the meaning of true love.

Silena is everything good and beautiful about this world. She doesn't know it, but I will never get tired of proving myself to her:

we could look out on the sea,
and beyond even maybe
and I would tell you a story about my love.

underneath the stars and moon
I will whisper that someday soon
you will see that my love is as big as the sky.

That's pretty big, Silena. Someday you will see...I love you. Happy Valentine's Day!


beth spray said...

Oh my goodness! How precious is this post! What a sweet hubby!

Trace Car Driver said...

so stinkin' sweet! love love love this post... and oh my, ya'll were such BABIES in that picture!!

seabird said...

Wow! That is a precious post. Made me cry. Very sweet couple.