Thursday, May 27, 2010

First Few Days of Summer!!

It's only been a couple of days we've been off and we have been taking it real slow! Last week nearly killed every single one of us!! Not to mention the work we did on the house Saturday!! So we are just trying to RELAX! It's kind of hard, though, we've been sooo tightly wound up!! So, I made a list of the things I've enjoyed the most these first few days of summer!! :) With 75 more days like this I should be good to go!! ;)

1. sleeping til 9:00
2. sonic happy hours
3. grilled steak dinner
4. spending all day with my family
5. strawberry shortcake
6. movie nights- we've been
catching up on some of the flicks
we missed during the school year!
(Astroboy, The Spy Next Door,
The Princess and the Frog, The Toothfairy)
7. sunny days
8. chocolate chip ice cream cones

***I thought I'd post a few pictures of what we've been doing! I haven't posted any for the month of May!! Enjoy!!

Will won his first baseball game!!

Our star jasmine bloomed on the deck!

Field Trip- Dreamland in Tuscaloosa!! Yummy!!

Playing Outside!

Playing in the sprinklers!


Dollar General said...

L.O.V.E the pictures!! SO CUTE!!!

Dollar General said...

Oh...and HAPPY SUMMER!! Can't wait to play!