Monday, September 7, 2009

Yay!! Alabama!!!

A few things on my heart:

1. I am very excited Clint finished his Master's in History!! It came this past week in the mail (proof that we did it)!! He worked so hard!! I love him so much and I think he is brilliant!! I know God has big plans for him!!

2. Hooray for Alabama!! The first game of the year was so exciting- I nearly passed out a couple of times during the game!! I am very proud of them for winning!! I love college football or really Alabama football!! We made red velvet cupcakes (red and white), ate barbeque, and just had so much fun!!

3. Long weekends aren't long enough!!

4. I am so happy that our small group has started back!! We met on Wednesday and I have to say I love it!! We missed last semester because of all of Clint's schooling- and it is good to be back!! All of our friends are just the best and I feel blessed to be part of the group!!

5. My class this year is precious!! I am grateful to have my job and I am enjoying this year so much, so far!! I pray it will continue!!


Trace Car Driver said...

CONGRATS to clint. what a huge accomplishment! and glad you are loving school. did you save me a cupcake? looks yummy :)

Dollar General said...

Here's a few things on my heart...

1. Clint looks very excited too!! I know that is a HUGE burden taken off! Praise the Lord!

2. We should have come over to watch the game - I thought y'all would be with Daniel - but I did get some GOOD sleep that night so - maybe next time!

3. I'm with you on the holidays - and yes...Mary DID fall off the table when I was talking to you! She's fine though!

4. The Lord was really looking out for you this year b/c you have Ian ;) And He must have been REALLY looking out for Mrs. V. so she would not have Anna and Ian together! HA! I'm so glad you love your class! Makes a WORLD of difference I'm sure!

5. I love you!

seabird said...

Wow! Congratulations to Clint (& Selina for supporting Clint)!!
So glad that you got a good class this year, that can make all the difference can't it:)
Very happy for you guys!

bretsgirl said...

I have to say that Ian loves going to school. Thank you for making it enjoyable for him. He is learning and having fun! I hope he isn't too much trouble!! I, of all people, know he can be a handful. Cute as a button, but a handful!

And woohoo for Clint!! That is awesome!! Tell him I said congrats!!!