Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Keep On Trucking- I mean DANCING!

Francie started dance class yesterday (pre-ballet and tap)!! She was so excited!! I think I'm just as excited! She looked absolutely adorable in her leotard and tights!! Her teacher is so nice and she met two new little friends!! I just hope we can keep taking and still be able to eat! ;) (It can be a bit costly!!)

I can remember taking dance when I was her age. I loved it!! I remember feeling extra special on the night of my recital- I can even remember parts of the dance!! I used to love to dress up in the costumes! I had a belly dancer costume and a clown costume I wore in my recitals! Later when I was in college Clint and I took dancing lessons at Fred Astaire! It was so much fun!! Dancing is good for the soul!

I love having a little girl! I love pink tights and ballet slippers and tutus and hair in buns and shiny tap shoes with ties! I cherish this time with her!! I'm looking forward to sharing these special times with her and giving her this experience!! I love to see her smile and her eyes light up!! She is a sweetie!!

"Dancing faces you toward Heaven, whichever direction you turn." -Sweetpea Tyler


seabird said...

What a cutie that Francie is! It must be so fun to do all the girly stuff with her:) Your family is precious!

Dollar General said...

Too bad the tights weren't pink *wink* - she's gonna love it!

I remember those costumes now that you mention it! WOW!

This is the first year Anna has REALLY enjoyed dance! She is actually looking forward to it! Before it was a chore! I hope Francie loves the stage! Anna sure does! I'm so happy for her! She's turning into quite the sweetie!