Saturday, September 19, 2009

Our Week in Review!

Wednesday, Will woke up with a fever and muscle aches and Francie complained about her ears and throat hurting, so Clint stayed home with them to take them to the doctor! They were both negative for flu and strep... or so they say! They next day I stayed home with them. It was a good break- I got some laundry done and we watched movies all day! Will's fever spiked on that night to 103.7 and stayed that way! The next day he stayed with my dad and I called the doctor to see if I needed to bring him back in! She said no don't bring him in- that he probably got checked for the flu too early and now there is nothing to do but to let it run its' course!! Poor Will!! He's done real well so far I just feel bad for him! I hate seeing him feel so bad! I just keep praying it passes fast and no one else gets it!

Thursday, while home with Will and Francie I reread Twilight for the fifth time!! I love that book... I don't think I'll ever get tired of it!! I love it so much!! I love the movie too, which I plan on watching tonight after all the football games!! I love all the characters and the town! It is so romantic!! Every time I reread the first book though, I have to read all of them again- so here we go!! I guess it's perfect timing, because the new movie will be coming out soon!! (62 more days) I can't wait!! If you haven't read these books I suggest you get on it!!

Friday, I got to go on Francie's first field trip!! Her class went to Build A Bear Workshop!! They were making their "class pet"! Each week the "star student" will get a turn taking him home for the weekend!! How sweet!! They ended up getting the snowy owl- very Harry Potter! They even got the round glasses for him!! It was so much fun!!

(I love the elephant and the kitty in the Alabama football and cheerleading uniforms- I want them!! Aren't they so cute!)

Today, football all the way baby!! We are having so much fun tailgating at home!! Today we made a home-made recipe for chicken fingers, ranch dip & fritos, and brownies!! Alabama won!! :) Right now I am a little sad Tennessee couldn't beat Florida (I don't love Tennessee or even like them but I am so tired of Florida- Tebow)!! Tonight Arkansas vs. Georgia!! Go Dawgs!! :)

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seabird said...

Poor babies. I hope that htey are feeling better! The class Owl idea was cute. I love that!
I can't believe how fast you can read! I'm jealous. You must really like those books!I actually saw the movie Twilight when I was in Washington & they mentioned that the bad vampires were headed to Kitsap county where we made us laugh!
Love all your pics!