Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I'm back!! I know I have been missed! It has been forever since I have blogged! I have now started my new job at Shades Mountain and things are finally starting to smooth out! The least bit of change in my world and I am completely gone! It's like my body, mind,and emotions forget how to function! I think I am doing better with things now!! I love my new job and my new friends. And the kids have adjusted well!! Praise God!! I can't believe Will is in first grade! He has grown up so fast! He loves school and he is very smart! I'm glad to have both of my children at my school with me again!
FYI- Will has had a couple of firsts- 1. He has finally lost a tooth!!
2. He got to go to his first Alabama football game!! He was so excited!! I'm so glad they won the game!

We had my Dad's 60th birthday at Oak Mountain and it was so fun!!

Kendall and Abby (two of my beautiful friends)


seabird said...

Love your pictures:) Glad things at your new job have smoothed out! I am the same way when I start a new routine...I hate how emotional & freaked out I get! I'm glad that you like teaching there! I'm happy that you posted a new blog!

Trace Car Driver said...

i thought we had lost touch forever :) glad to see ya'll are doing well... we should be seeing you at thanksgiving if not before then!! the pics are great, can't believe how big all the kids are! and btw, GO RED SOX!!!! just 3 more games to win and we'll be going to the world series!
and i so know what you mean about change... i can't wait til lucas is here but i'm praying i can handle all the change without stressing too much... or crying 24/7. ha!

bretsgirl said...

I love the picture of your kids in Crimson and White! So cute!! I also love your whole family! But you already knew that! =o)